Parent-Child Room

January 10, 2020 / Fakulty 8

Since November 2019, a new parent-child room has been available to students and employees of the University of Stuttgart on the Vaihingen campus.

n case of problems with short-term care, you can work or study here and at the same time look after your child in an appropriate environment.
In addition, the room can be used for breastfeeding, feeding, changing diapers or as a retreat for parents and their children. The room offers enough space for resting, cuddling or reading and has

  • 2 workstations with telephone and access point (WLAN, please bring your own laptops)
  • kitchen incl. refrigerator, microwave, (children's) dishes
  • Large changing table
  • Nursing chair
  • Cot (please bring your own cover or mattress pad for the children's mattress)
  • Clamp seat (as high chair for children)
  • Kids box with painting table and various offers of toys, painting materials and books
  • 3 gym and crawling mats
  • Beanbag and play tent

The room is located in the building Pfaffenwaldring 57, 2nd floor, room: 2.526 and can be easily reached by elevator. The room is intended for students and employees of the University of Stuttgart. You can use the room once or several times - only for a short period of time or even for a whole day. When you use the room, you automatically agree to the rules of use posted in the room.

Here you get the key:

The parent-child room can be booked online via C@mpus by both employees and students and the occupancy can be viewed.

In C@mpus you can find the parent-child room by using the "Search" button at the top right and under the menu item "Rooms" with the search term: PF57/02/2.526.

In C@mpus you have to log in with your ac-account or stud-account, otherwise you cannot search for rooms.

There is no fixed claim to the room, a certain time or a preference for certain people. Provided you have agreed and agreed to it, several people can use the room at the same time. A prior reservation of the room is possible with Manuela Schlummer-Held.

As the parent-child office was only recently set up and we are currently testing the usage concept, we would be pleased to receive feedback from you.


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