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Department of Mathematics

Overview of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Stuttgart.


Due to the spread of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the respiratory disease COVID-19, the university management has set up a special website for students and employees of the University of Stuttgart with regard to the latest news and developments. The site is continuously updated and includes all information as well as the latest developments and decisions concerning the handling of COVID-19 at our university.

Please inform yourself regularly about the state of affairs and also check the inbox of your personal e-mail.

In order to guarantee you and us the greatest possible protection against infection from the corona virus, there are currently no personal consultation hours.
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Department of Mathematics

The Department consists of six institutes, twenty professors and numerous scientific staff and doctoral students. Mathematics in Stuttgart is characterized both by innovative and internationally renowned research in several important and modern areas, and by offering excellent research- and application-driven teaching.

Degree Programs in Mathematics

Mathematics is fascinating! Since its beginnings about 2500 years ago, mathematics forms the roots of a wide range of other scientific disciplines. Given the multifaceted and diversified nature of our grand societal challenges, mathematics is even more indispensable today than ever before. Students enrolled in the department's degree programs benefit from excellent job opportunities, due to their training in developing holistic and structured abstractions and problem solving capabilities.

The University of Stuttgart offers the following degree programs:

The degree programs in Mathematics and Teacher Education can be consecutively combined, as shown by the following diagram:

Macrostructure of the mathematics degree programs (c)
Macrostructure of the mathematics degree programs
Elke Gangl

Elke Gangl

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