Bachelor Thesis

Final research project of the Bachelor of Science program.

The Bachelor Thesis equals 12 ECTS, equivalent to 12x30 = 360 hours, which equals 40% of the workload of the 6st semester. Duration of the Bachelor Thesis is 4 Months. Registration of the Bachelor Thesis is administered, once 141 ECTS from exams and lab courses are obtained.

  • Independent Element of Research (theses may not solely summarize existing literature)
  • Basic Training in Laboratory Tasks (Laboratory Journal)
  • Presentation of the Thesis at the Institute’s Colloquium
  • Please refer to §27 of the Study Regulations [de].
  • Current topics for Bachelor Theses can be found on the pages of the respective Institutes.
  • Contact the respective Institute as early as s possible.
  • Once you have found a supervisor, register your Bachelor Thesis at the Examination Office (Prüfungsamt).

Registration form and further information

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