Advanced Physical Laboratory

An introduction to measuring methods and the handling of modern measuring instruments

The Advanced Physics Lab will be held in winter semester 2022 as a regular course under the university Corona guidelines.

  •     Wearing a FFP2 mask is generally always recommended while in the university buildings.
  •     Maintain social distancing.
  •     Wash your hands before you start with the experiments. 


To learn physical measuring methods and the handling of modern measuring instruments, while performing demanding experiments.
To carry out a small but entire scientific thesis in limited time. (Theory, Experiment, Draw-up in writing, and Finishing Colloquium)


Immatriculated for a Master degree


Centrally organized, in university-owned laboratory rooms


Approximately 15 experiments, ranging over one or two days.


In two-person groups


By doctoral candidates and postdocs, generally one person is responsible for a maximum of two experiments.


Selected tuesdays during the term, all-day, no parallel event.


You will get one certificate for the whole laboratory.

Organization and Administration:

This image shows Bruno Gompf

Bruno Gompf


Leitung Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum Physik

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