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Selection of Preprints at the Department of Mathematics 2018 to 2020

Date Author Title
12/2019 S. Fischer Some New Bounds on the Entropy Numbers of Diagonal Operators
12/2019 C. Rohde,
L. von Wolff
A Ternary Cahn-Hilliard Navier-Stokes Model for Two Phase Flow with Precipitation and Dissolution
12/2019 J. Giesselmann,
F. Meyer,
C. Rohde
Error control for statistical solutions
12/2019 T. Hitz,
J. Keim,
C.-D. Munz,
C. Rohde
A Parabolic Relaxation Model for the Navier-Stokes-Korteweg Equations
11/2019 T. Wenzel, 
G. Santin, 
B. Haasdonk
A novel class of stabilized greedy kernel approximation algorithms: Convergence, stability & uniform point distribution
11/2019 D. Göddeke et al. Exa-Dune -- Flexible PDE Solvers, Numerical Methods and Applications
10/2019 T. Holicki,
C. W. Scherer
Output-Feedback Synthesis for a Class of Aperiodic Impulsive Systems
09/2019 L. Ostrowski,
C. Rohde
A Phase Field Approach to Compressible Droplet Impingement
08/2019 J. Kennedy,
R. Lang et al.
On the eigenvalues of the Robin Laplacian with a complex parameter
08/2019 J. Giesselmann,
F. Meyer,
C. Rohde
An a posteriori error analysis based on non-intrusive spectral projections for systems of random conservation laws
08/2019 M. Griesemer,
U. Linden,
M. Hofacker
From Short-Range to Contact Interactions in the 1d Bose Gas
072019 W.-P. Düll Validity of the Nonlinear Schrödinger Approximation for the Two-Dimensional Water Wave Problem With and Without Surface Tension in the Arc Length Formulation
07/2019 U. Freiberg,
S. Kohl
Martin boundary theory on inhomogenous fractals
06/2019 B. de Rijk,
G. Schneider
Global existence and decay in nonlinearly coupled reaction-diffusion-advection equations with different velocities
05/2019 L. Ostrowski,
C. Rohde
Compressible multi-component flow in porous media with Maxwell-Stefan diffusion
05/2019 S. Michalowsky, 
Robust and structure exploiting optimization algorithms: An integral quadratic constraint approach
05/2019 U. Semmelmann et al. Conformal Killing forms on nearly Kähler manifolds
05/2019 A. Armiti-Juber,
C. Rohde
On the Well-posedness of a Nonlinear Fourth-Order Extension of Richards' Equation
05/2019 F. Burghart,
U. Freiberg
The Einstein Relation on Metric Measure Spaces
04/2019 J. Magiera,
D. Ray,
J. Hesthaven,
C. Rohde
Constraint-Aware Neural Networks for Riemann Problems
03/2019 G. Schneider et al. Effective numerical simulation of the Klein–Gordon–Zakharov system in the Zakharov limit
03/2019 U. Freiberg,
L. Minorics
Eigenvalue Approximation for Krein-Feller-Operators
02/2019 J. Giesselmann,
F. Meyer,
C. Rohde
A posteriori error analysis and adaptive non-intrusive numerical schemes for systems of random conservation laws
02/2019 C. Rohde,
L. von Wolff
Homogenization of Non-Local Navier-Stokes-Korteweg Equations for Compressible Liquid-Vapour Flow in Porous Media
02/2019 U. Freiberg,
K. Taglieber
Random graphs and their subgraphs
01/2019 D. Göddeke et al. Simulation of Nonlinear Signal Propagation in Multimode Fibers on Multi-GPU Systems
2019 N. Knarr,
M. Stroppel
Embeddings and ambient automorphisms of the Pappus configuration
2019 H. Walk, et al. Some New Bounds on the Entropy Numbers of Diagonal Operators
2019 H. Walk, et al. The limit distribution of maximum probability nearest neighbor ball
2019 F. Gaspoz,
C.-J. Heine,
K. Siebert
An Alternative Proof of the H1-Stability of the L2-Projection on Graded Meshes
Date Author Title
11/2018 G. Schneider,
D. Zimmermann, et al.
Effective slow dynamics models for a class of dispersive systems
11/2018 T. Haas,
G. Schneider
Failure of the N-wave interaction approximation without imposing periodic boundary conditions
11/2018 G. Schneider The KdV approximation for a system with unstable resonances
11/2018 G. Schneider et al. A model for the periodic water wave problem and its long wave amplitude equations
10/2018 B. Haasdonk, 
B. Hamzi,
G. Santin, 
D. Wittwar
Greedy Kernel Methods for Center Manifold Approximation
09/2018 A. Alla, 
B. Haasdonk, 
A. Schmidt
Feedback control of parametrized PDEs via model order reduction and dynamic programming principle
08/2018 T. Haas,
B. de Rijk,
G. Schneider
Modulation equations near the Eckhaus boundary: the KdV equation
08/2018 F. Meyer,
C.-D. Munz,
C. Rohde, et al.
hp-Multilevel Monte Carlo Methods for Uncertainty Quantification of Compressible Flows
07/2018 D. Wittwar, 
G. Santin, 
B. Haasdonk
Interpolation with uncoupled separable matrix-valued kernels
07/2018 G. Santin,
D. Wittwar, 
B. Haasdonk
Greedy regularized kernel interpolation
06/2018 U. Semmelmann et al. Generalized vector cross products and Killing forms on negatively curved manifolds
05/2018 U. Semmelmann et al. Metric connections with parallel skew-symmetric torsion
05/2018 A. Kollross Octonions, triality, the exceptional Lie algebra F4, and polar actions on the Cayley hyperbolic plan
05/2018 M. Griesemer,
U. Linden
Spectral Theory of the Fermi Polaron
05/2018 A. Kollross et al. On homogeneous manifolds whose isotropy actions are polar
04/2018 B. Haasdonk, et al. An algorithmic comparison of the Hyper-Reduction and the Discrete Empirical Interpolation Method for a nonlinear thermal problem
04/2018 U. Semmelmann et al. The kernel of the Rarita-Schwinger operator on Riemannian spin manifolds
04/2018 D. Göddeke et al. A high-level C++ approach to manage local errors, asynchrony and faults in an MPI application
03/2018 C. W. Scherer, 
J. Veenman
Stability analysis by dynamic dissipation inequalities: On merging frequency-domain techniques with time-domain conditions
03/2018 G. Schneider,
D. Zimmermann, et al.
Nonlinear stability at the Eckhaus boundary
03/2018 B. Haasdonk et al. Symplectic Model-Reduction with a Weighted Inner Product
03/2018 J. Wirth et al.  Zero resonances for localised potentials
02/2018 B. Haasdonk, et al. Enabling Interactive Mobile Simulations Through Distributed Reduced Models
02/2018 T. Köppl,
G. Santin, 
B. Haasdonk, 
R. Helmig
Numerical modelling of a peripheral arterial stenosis using dimensionally reduced models and kernel methods
02/2018 T. Brünnette, 
G. Santin, 
B. Haasdonk
Greedy kernel methods for accelerating implicit integrators for parametric ODEs
02/2018 A. Barth,
B. Haasdonk,
C. Rohde, et al.
Comparison of data-driven uncertainty quantification methods for a carbon dioxide storage benchmark scenario
02/2018 M. Griesemer,
U. Linden
Stability of the two-dimensional Fermi polaron
02/2018 D. Göddeke et al. Towards realistic HPC models of the neuromuscular system
2018 M. Stroppel et al. Embeddings of hermitian unitals into pappian projective planes


Jürgen Dippon
Dr. rer. nat. habil.

Jürgen Dippon

Private lecturer, Examination Board Mathematics Teacher post

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