Collection of the Institutes of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Stuttgart

The Department of Mathematics has an extensive collection of mathematical models and mathematical instruments as well as the pedagogical collection of 3D prints.

The mathematical models were used to illustrate geometric correlations in teaching, in engineering education and for research projects. The plaster models of the Ludwig Brill produced in the 19th century are supposed to be the oldest models in the collection. In addition, there are models made of wood, metal, paper, plastic, thread models and rotating models as well as models for projection. Until 1978, the collection was supplemented by the former Mathematical Institute.

In addition to planimeters, integrimeters and harmonic analyzers, the mathematical instruments include various calculation tools such as slide rules and rollers. They were used in the field of applied mathematics and engineering education.

The collection of 3D prints is currently used in the training of engineers and scientists, offering in particular sets of identical models for use in practice groups and specially developed exercises for students to enhance their understanding and spatial imagination.

Broschuere Modelle _komp-1


"Fascination of Mathematics" [DE]
An insight into the collection of mathematical models
with photographs by Frank Wiatrowski 

"Showpieces - Insights into scientific collections at the University of Stuttgart"
with photographs by Frank Wiatrowski 


The collection of mathematical models and instruments is represented in the:

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