The Department of Physics consists of 15 research Institutes with 19 professors.

The Department of Physics is divided into 15 institutes with 20 professors. More than 200 scientific and about 90 administrative and technical staff work together with the professors on various topics in experimental and theoretical physics, basic research and applied research.

With just as much commitment, these people perform teaching duties for about 1,000 students in physics (teaching profession, Bachelor/Master of Science), but also carry out basic physics education in the neighbouring natural and engineering sciences.


The diagram shows 5 umbrella institutes, the Institute of Physics, the Institute of Theoretical Physics, the Institute of Functional Matter and Quantum Technology, the Institute of Semiconductor Optics and Functional Interfaces and the Institute of Computational Physics, each with up to 5 sub-institutes and up to 7 professorships.
The diagram shows the organisational structure of the Department of Physics at the University of Stuttgart: 5 umbrella institutes, each with up to 5 sub-institutes, each in turn with up to 7 professorships. A vice dean is elected from among the professors for a term of 4 years to head the academic self-administration.
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