Pedagogical Collection of 3D Prints

Department of Mathematics

Mathematical Models of the LExMath at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Stuttgart

The models were designed by Markus Stroppel, Michael Kutter and Alexander Kerschl. They serve to support the basic mathematical education of students in engineering courses in relation to spatial imagination and the relationship of spatial geometry to mathematical modelling. The 3D models are used in practice groups and consultation hours. The direct relation to the topics dealt with in classes is ensured by the using exercises relating to particular models. In addition to the haptic experience with the model, online versions are also available for preliminary or follow-up work.

The models were planned (with financial support from quality assurance funds of the University of Stuttgart) and designed at LExMath [DE].

This image shows Markus Stroppel

Markus Stroppel

Prof. Dr.

Teaching Export Center for Mathematics

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