Mathematics & Physics Summer Festivity 2023

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

The student council of Mathematics and Physics invites to the summer festivity of the faculty 8 on Friday, 07.07.2023.

16:00 in lecture hall V 57.03 with the lecture

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Norbert Hungerbühler
Students interview the speaker

from 17:30 in front of V53.01:

Awarding of the Lecturer Prizes
by the departments of mathematics and physics
Delicious barbecue and chilled drinks
Live band "Unimusikanten"

Prof. Dr. Norbert Hungerbühler
Prof. Dr. Norbert Hungerbühler

Prof. Dr. Norbert Hungerbühler
ETH Zürich

Well, let's take a closer look...

Neutrinos - these are not only the lightest elementary particles we know, but also "cosmic architects" that have helped shape our universe since the Big Bang. Many properties of the enigmatic neutrinos are still unknown almost 100 years after they entered particle physics. With the KATRIN experiment in Karlsruhe, researchers now want to measure the tiny mass of neutrinos and thus answer an important question of modern physics. In this talk, the measurement methods underlying the research facility will be explained and the latest results from KATRIN will be presented.

Afterwards, the traditional summer party of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics will take place on the square in front of the lecture hall building Pfaffenwaldring 53. The student cuncil of mathematics and physics will present the lecturer awards. Our summer party will be musically framed by the band "Unimusikanten" and of course there will be drinks and grilled food.

All members, alumni and friends of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics are invited.

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