New established: Double Master's Program in Mathematics at the Universities of Stuttgart and Verona

March 24, 2023

Double Master Program in Mathematics - Master Degree at the Universities of Stuttgart and the Università degli Studi di Verona

Since the end of February 2023, the signatures of the rectors of the Universities of Verona and Stuttgart and the two coordinators, Professor Lidia Angeleri Hügel (Verona) and Professor Anne Henke (Stuttgart), have been on the contract. This establishes a new double master program in mathematics in which experience abroad can be combined with a double degree at two universities.

Those who study mathematics in the master's program in Stuttgart can thus complete one year of the master's program in Verona and receive a master's degree in Verona in addition to the master's degree in Stuttgart (and analogously for students in Verona who can come to Stuttgart). As usual, a total of 120 ECTS is acquired, half at each university. The second year is a year abroad. In Verona, all mathematics courses are offered in English.

Stuttgart students can now apply for admission to the double master program for 1.10.2023 by email to Prof. Anne Henke. The application includes a current performance overview and a curriculum vitae, and a short letter of motivation. 

Application requirements:
If you are now in your first Master's year in Stuttgart or will be admitted to the Master's program in the summer semester of 2023 and already have ETCS from your Bachelor's program, you can apply now and, if accepted, study in Verona starting in the fall of 2023. By then, at least 40 ECTS must have been earned in Stuttgart.

Studying in the double master offers considerable added value: in addition to the many advantages of studying abroad (for which there are no additional tuition fees) in a very beautiful city, in the double master one receives a qualification evidenced by a second master's certificate and additional career opportunities, access to a range of courses in several mathematical fields complementing those offered in Stuttgart, and joint supervision, including of the master's thesis, by lecturers in Stuttgart and in Verona.

There are interesting funding opportunities through scholarships. Advice on this is offered by Ms. Endrulat-Göhler at the International Center of the University.

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