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Annual Dune User- and Developer Meeting

November 5, 2018 /

Organizing Committee:
Andreas Dedner, Warwick;
Bernd Flemisch, IWS Stuttgart;
Claus-Justus Heine, IANS Stuttgart;
Robert Klöfkorn, NORCE Bergem
[Picture: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5]

The Dune-project is a comprehensive simulation framework which covers a very broad range of state-of-art techniques for the simulation of problems arising from engineering and natural sciences as well as more basic mathematical questions.

The Dune-projects started at the end of the last century and soon became the joint work of a community of collaborating working groups in order to bundle their efforts for a flexible but yet easy-to-use framework. It allows to tackle standard problems with well-known simulation techniques in order to protect scientists to "reinvent the wheel" over and over again.
At the same time it provides a general framework which allows to implement bleeding-edge algorithm with moderate effort.

The Dune-community [https://www.dune-project.org/community/meetings/] comes together in regular annual meetings since its early days.. Generally, these meetings are split 50-50 in two parts:

  • the Dune-User-Meeting which serves as a platform for scientists using theDune-framework to report about their research, and also give feedback abouttheir particular experiences and potential enhancements which they would like to
    be realized.

  • the Dune-Developer-Meeting where the core-developer-team meets in order to discuss the future developments of the Dune-project, not least taking into account the input provided by the "User-Meeting" part of the workshop.

The combined Dune User-and-Developer meetings has proven to be a vital ingredient in order keep the spread-over-the-world Dune user- and developer-community in contact

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