Award ceremony of the mathematics and physics competition

May 15, 2023

An event of the Schülerzikel Mathematik on Science Day at the Vaihingen Campus

On the occasion of the Science Day of the University of Stuttgart on May 13, 2023, the now 36th student competition took place at the faculty. The team competition, which originally started as a student competition in mathematics, has been held across disciplines since 2018 under the name student competition "Mathematics and Physics".

This year, the challenge cup went to Gymnasium in den Pfarrwiesen Sindelfingen. The winning team achieved the maximum possible score with 24 out of 24 points. Second place went to Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium Ostfildern with 22 out of 24 points and third place to Landesgymnasium für Hochbegabte Schwäbisch Gmünd with 20 out of 24 points.

This year's tasks came from the fields of mechanics and combinatorial geometry. In addition to written solutions, videos of the experimental task were also submitted and included in the evaluation.

The winning teams
The winning teams
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