Brochure "Fascination Mathematics"

December 1, 2020 / Departement of Mathematics

An introduction to the collection of mathematical models
with photographs by Frank Wiatrowski
[Picture: Frank Wiatrowski]

The department's collection of mathematical models comprises more than 200 exhibits. Seven models of the collection are presented in this brochure. The photographs by Frank Wiatrowski (University Library / Digitalization Department) are added with explanations written by Anna Wackerow and Paul Schwahn. In the foreword, Prof. Frederik Witt gives a short introduction to "Making Mathematics Comprehensible". Idea and design are by Katja Stefanie Engstler.

The brochure will be available in printed form at the beginning of 2021. The brochure is already available as PDF.

Broschüre Umschlag_1

"Faszination Mathematik" as PDF [DE]

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