Dr. Ercan Sönmez takes over a substitute professorship

October 13, 2022

Dr. Ercan Sönmez at the Institute for Stochastics and Applications ISA in the winter term 2022/2023

As of October 10, 2022, Dr. Ercan Sönmez will take over as a replacement for the Professorship of Stochastics and Applications at the Institute of Stochastics and Applications.

Dr. Sönmez's main research interests lie in two areas of stochastics: random graph theory and stochastic differential equations. Random graphs are stochastic models of networks of all kinds; Dr. Sönmez's research is devoted to the geometric characterization, including from an extreme value theory perspective, of models describing certain observed phenomena in real networks. In the area of stochastic differential equations, Dr. Sönmez is interested in existence and uniqueness issues, as well as regularity properties of solutions to equations when the underlying stochastic component is a mixture of two processes with different properties. 

Dr. Ercan Sönmez will offer the lecture "Extreme Value Theory" and the advanced seminar "Random Graphs and Networks" in the winter term 2022/23. In addition, he is involved in the computer lab for the bachelor's degree.

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