April 8, 2022 / Katja Stefanie Engstler

Forays through the Collections of the University of Stuttgart The collections of the Department of Mathematics are part of the exhibition "At Second Glance". Exhibition period: 08.04. bis 28. 05. 2022

Since the founding of the university in 1829 (originally as the Real- und Gewerbeschule), scientific collections at various faculties have been maintained and continuously expanded by numerous dedicated collection managers. For the most part, these are objects from donations, loans, teaching and research collections by and for employees at the university.

They are a central part of the material as well as ideal heritage of the university.

However, despite the commitment of those responsible for the collections, even teachers and students at the University of Stuttgart are often unaware of the treasures that lie dormant on the campuses.

Therefore, this exhibition is intended to seize the opportunity to draw more public attention to the university's diverse collections by means of an exemplary selection of objects. In addition, the exhibition offers a deeper insight into the history of the University of Stuttgart.

So let this exhibition inspire you with the objects that tell their own story in different contexts. Be open to the journey of discovery and give even the objects that at first glance seem inconspicuous a second look - perhaps they will tell an exciting story after all when you take a closer look.

Also on display will be various models from the Department of Mathematics collection made of plaster, wood, paper, and wire, as well as an object from the LExMath teaching collection.

Universität Stuttgart - Stadtmitte
Holzgartenstraße 16
70174 Stuttgart
Mo - Sa 10-20h
So closed

Selection of collection items for the exhibition "Contexts of Collecting at the University of Stuttgart
Selection of collection items for the exhibition "Contexts of Collecting at the University of Stuttgart

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