Interview with Jiahui Wang, B.Sc.

January 31, 2023

Graduate award winner of the Robert Bosch GmbH for outstanding B.Sc. degree at the Department of Mathematics Portraits at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Stuttgart

My journey into mathematics began by chance. After my first bachelor's degree, I wanted to do a master's in simulation engineering. For this, I had to attend two basic lectures in mathematics, namely Analysis 1 and Linear Algebra 1. Surprisingly, I found that mathematics was actually better suited for me. Definitions, theorems, proofs - the world of mathematics is purely logical and pure, and I got a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from solving mathematical problems. That's why I changed my mind to B.Sc. in Mathematics. 

During my mathematics studies, I realized that the degree gives me more freedom for the future after the master's degree. On the one hand, mathematics is a very comprehensive subject under which numerous subfields are intensively researched, and thus there are many PhD opportunities. On the other hand, mathematics also offers good career opportunities in business, because you not only acquire analytical and structural thinking skills, but also useful content knowledge, especially in numerics and stochastics. 

As a soon-to-be graduate student in mathematics, I am very glad that I have been involved with this subject for the past five years. And I hope I can continue to enjoy the mathematical world in the future. 

Jiahui Wang, B.Sc.
Graduatea award winner of th Robert Bosch GmbH for outstanding B.Sc. degree in the Department of Mathematics

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