Day of Mathematics 2019

October 15, 2019

Public lectures and workshops for school students at the Department of Mathematics

The Day of Mathematics took place on Saturday, 12 October 2019. More than 140 school-students visited the university to spend a day learning about different areas of mathematics in lectures and workshops.

The lecture The enigmatic world of quanta - mathematics meets physics by Katharina Stütz from the Physics Didactics Research group of the University of Stuttgart demonstrated why physics cannot be thought and understood without mathematics. The focus was on wave phenomena both classical in the case of water waves and quantum mechanical for electrons and light. The lecture was rounded off by experiments.

In a second lecture, Prof. Hannah Markwig from Tübingen University used the topic Tropical Geometry - We define the world as we like to show how mathematics reinvents itself in a playful way, sometimes producing bizarre and still useful things.

In addition, there were age group based workshops on various topics from cryptography via graph theory to braid groups and knot theory, where the students were able to familiarize themselves with a topic while solving problems.

As every year, prizes were awarded for the most successful participants in the student correspondence circle of the department.

Contact: Apl. Prof. Jens Wirth

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Katharina Stütz,
Physics Didactics Research group
Photos copyright Simon Barth
Prof. Hannah Markwig,
Universität Tübingen

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