Dominik Göddeke receives a special award

November 26, 2019 / Sylvia Zur

STUVUS approves his extraordinary commitment in teaching.

For the 5th time the University of Stuttgart has awarded a prize regarding teaching at the Academic Annual Celebration.
For the first time an additional award was given due to extraordinary engagement as a lecturer, awarded by the student body STUVUS.
Among the awardees is Professor Dominik Göddeke, belonging to the institute of Applied Analysis and Numerical Simulation, who is in addition a SC SimTech fellow and a principal investigator of the Cluster of Excellence „Data-driven Simulation Science“.
Professor Göddeke comments this award:
“I am very delighted that my efforts towards the modernization of certain modules exported by the Department of Mathematics to the Engineering Departments are being acknowledged. In addition, I see this award as an incentive to even more focus on interactive lectures instead of monologues. Furthermore I will evaluate more opportunities of live demonstrations using modern media.“
He was nominated by students of Mathematics and Simulation Technology. The decision for Professor Göddeke is explained by Jonathan Müller, speaker of „Studies and Teaching“ in STUVUS. Professor Göddeke has always taken every feedback to his lectures very seriously and has revised his way of teaching regularly as a reaction on these feedbacks.
In addition, his engagement regarding demonstrator codes in ILIAS has been described by his students to be very helpful and forward-looking. Above all his extraordinary commitment has become apparent in his outstanding availability to students. They have the opportunity to contact him with questions about his lectures and also in case of other problems. They usually receive a very detailed and comprehensible answer. In addition, the personal dialog with students has always been a characteristic element of his lectures. His responsiveness and his availability extend directly to his way of supervising seminar papers or BSc and MSc theses. Despite the comparatively large number of theses supervised by him, he is always prepared to support his students personally and he is always available in case of further queries or additional suggestions.
According to his students‘ feedback, this engagement has remained on an outstanding level during the past four years. This aspect was one of the most important reasons to nominate him for this award. Jonathan Müller remarks that the special STUVUS award should encourage Professor Göddeke to sustain this extraordinary engagement.

Die Preisträger des stuvus-Sonderpreises für außergewöhnliches Engagement in der Lehre mit dem Laudator. (Prof. Göddeke, 3.v.l)
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