"Joint Meeting of the KMS and the DMV" in Seoul - Talks at the Conference

November 28, 2018 / Katja Stefanie Engstler, Fachbereich Mathematik

Department of Mathematics at the Joint Meeting of the KMS and DMV

The "Joint Meeting of the Korean Mathematical Society and the German Mathematical Society" took place Ocotber  3.-6., 2018 in Seoul (Korea).

Three researchers of the Department of Mathematics participated at the conference and were invited for a talk. Prof. Uwe Semmelmann (Institute for Geometry und Topology) hold a lecture on "Generalized vector cross products" and Apl. Prof. Andreas Kollross (Institute for Geometryund Topology) on "On homogeneous manifolds whose isotropy actions are polar".

The talk " Justification of the Nonlinear Schrödinger approximation of the water wave problem and other quasilinear dispersive systems" was hold by Apl. Prof. Wolf-Patrick Düll (Institute of Analysis, Dynamic und Modelling). 

Prof. Christian Rohde was not able to follow the invitation by reason of short-term illness.


KoreaSection with Prof. Uwe Semmelmann and Apl. Prof. Andreas Kollross. 


 Satellite Conference with Apl. Prof. Wolf-Patrick Düll. 


Website of the Conference

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