Mathe Macht! Lina Baier (Analysys Mason): From Analysis 4 to Analysys Mason?

November 29, 2021

Lecture Series "Mathe Macht! Mathematik in der Praxis - 16.11.2021 - Departement of Mathematics

On November 16, the consulting firm Analysys Mason was a guest at Mathe Macht! online. In addition to the speakers Stefan Hainz and Max Reimann, it was particularly pleasing to welcome Lina Baier back to Stuttgart virtually, who completed her Master's degree at the Department of Mathematics in 2020 and has now successfully started her professional life.

The lecture led from a realistic description of everyday consulting life beyond the usual clichés to concrete and very current projects from the energy industry to the important question of how to make the transition from studying math to real professional life. Once again, it became clear that the problem-solving skills of mathematicians play a decisive role in practice. A large question and answer session rounded off the very informative and enlightening lecture.

Lina Baier und Max Reimann
Lina Baier und Max Reimann

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