Meeting of the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hochschulsammlungen Baden Württemberg"

October 22, 2019 / Katja Stefanie Engstler/IGT

[Picture: MUT Museum der Universität Tübingen ]

The first meeting of the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hochschulsammlungen Baden-Württemberg" took place on 11 October 2019 at Schloss Hohentübingen. The event was initiated by the Museum of the University of Tübingen MUT represented by Prof. Dr. Seidl. The aim of the working group is to network the collections of various universities within Baden-Württemberg.

The collection of the Department of Mathematics was presented to the participants by Katja Stefanie Engstler. A special focus was the visualization of the collection and the planned pedagogical preparation.


Photo: Museum der Universität Tübingen

Collections at the Department of Mathematics

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