Publication Award 2019 goes to Prof. Dr. Meinolf Geck

January 28, 2021

The 2019 University of Stuttgart Publication Prize for Faculty 8 goes to Prof. Meinolf Geck from the Institute for Algebra and Number Theory

Each year, the University of Stuttgart awards prizes for excellent publication from the university’s ten faculties. In the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Prof. Dr. Meinolf Geck received the publication award for his publication "Green functions and Glauberman degree-divisibility".

Prof.Meinolf Geck to the publication  "Green functions and Glauberman degree-divisibility"



Groups are algebraic structures that are used to analyze symmetries in mathematics itself, and in the natural sciences. The finite simple groups are in a sense the "atoms" of this theory; see the "periodic system" in the displayed figure. This has been achieved as the monumental result of a combined effort of hundreds of mathematicians over several decades!

Just as one can capture a complicated 3-dimensional structure by 2-dimensional projections and pictures, so is a finite group described in a compact way by its character table, a certain matrix of complex numbers. There are remarkable, partly only conjectural relations among those numbers that reflect properties of the group in a subtle way. The publication establishes such a relation, conjectured since 25 years, and provides the theoretical foundation for new algorithms for computing character tables of simple groups of Lie type.

See publication Journal-Referenz: Annals of Mathematics, vol. 192 (2020), 229-249


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