Science Day 2022

June 30, 2022 / Katja Stefanie Engstler

Offers of the Department of Mathematics for the Science Day on June 25, 2022 at the Campus Vaihingen

Prof. Eisermann and Dr. Stoll at the Casino Royal - Prof. Stroppel and Dr. Scheffler at the guided tour "Forms and Forces" - Dr. Stoll at the mathematics booth "Beat the Mathematicians:Inside!"
Prof. Eisermann and Dr. Stoll at the Casino Royal - Prof. Stroppel and Dr. Scheffler at the guided tour "Forms and Forces" - Dr. Stoll at the mathematics booth "Beat the Mathematicians:Inside!"

The Department of Mathematics was represented with an extensive program on Science Day. The participants were pleased about the large number of visitors and many interested guests at the offers:

Award ceremony of the student competition in mathematics and physics

In 2022 the challenge cup went again to the LGH Schwäbisch Gmünd. The winning team achieved 23.5 out of 24 points. Second place went to the Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium Böblingen and the third places were shared by the Helfenstein-Gymnasium Geislingen a.d. Steige, the Gymnasium an der Glemsaue Ditzingen and again a team from the LGH Schwäbisch Gmünd.

The tasks this year came from the fields of optics and geometry. In addition to written solutions, videos of the experimental task were also submitted. Prof. Jens Wirth and Prof. Ronny Nawroth congratulated the winning teams and thanked them for sending in the exciting videos and for their participation.

Casino Royal- experimental game theory
an event organized by Prof. Michael Eisermann and  Dr. Friederike Stoll

A typical goal of game theory is to find or explain rational decisions in (social) conflict situations. Conversely, real behavior is also observed, and very often our behavior is not so rational. In the event, some " Bei-spiele" were examined by Prof. Eisermann and then implemented in two online game experiments by the visitors. The results were then evaluated, explained and compared with theory. The visitors were especially enthusiastic about the active participation in the online games.

"Shapes and Forces"
a mathematical-physical tour of art on the Vaihingen campus

Guided tour with Prof. Dr. Markus Stroppel and Dr. Marc Scheffler

The new tour was presented on Science Day. In ten stations it explains mathematical and physical phenomena by means of the artworks on the campus, around the S-Bahn station. The artworks were placed on this "learning street" between 1978 and 1985.

During the two tours, a selection was presented to interested visitors. Especially the children examined and questioned the art objects very closely.

Beat the mathematicians! 
at the game booth of the mathematics department

The mathematics stand in the foyer of the Audimax stood out from afar. Here, visitors could compete against mathematicians in combinatorial games. Visitors learned from Friederike Stoll and her team: Can Özdemir, Florian Post, Jonas Brinker, Nora Krauß and Jan Köllner how to play and win without making mistakes. Many visitors gladly accepted the offer and were able to take home a specially produced coin as a souvenir.

Think, fiddle, discover!

The stand of the mathematics section was also always well attended, as topological puzzles, the dice snake, knot-tossing and brainteasers attracted visitors of all ages.

Study mathematics
a lecture within the bachelor application day by Prof. Dr. Uwe Semmelmann 

The event, in which the study programs of physics and mathematics were presented, was well attended. Prospective students took the opportunity to ask questions, get detailed information and talk to Prof. Semmelmann. 

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