Substitute professorship of Dr. Stephan Rave

February 15, 2021 / Department of Mathematics

Dr. Stephan Rave at the Institute of Applied Analysis and Numerical Simulation - Summer Term 2021

Starting April 1, 2021, Dr. Stephan Rave will take up the substitute professorship at the Chair of Numerical Mathematics for High Performance Computers at the Institute of Applied Analysis and Numerical Simulation.

Dr. Rave's research interests are mainly in the area of approximation of partial differential equations with low-dimensional spaces. One focus is on model reduction of multiscale problems with localized reduced basis methods, but also with numerical multiscale and domain decomposition methods. The nonlinear approximation of advection-dominated PDEs, as well as the development of communication-avoiding low-rank approximation algorithms for e.g. cloud environments are further research topics. In addition, Mr. Rave's main concern is the implementation of the methods in research software that can be used sustainably. He is the main author of the model reduction library pyMOR.

Dr. Rave will offer the master's seminar "Numerical Methods for Multiscale Problems", the master's lecture "Reduced Basis Methods" in the summer semester 2021. In addition, Dr. Rave will be involved in the undergraduate computer lab. 

The department extends a warm welcome to Dr. Rave.

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