Picture showing Professor Göddekes desktop.

eScouts in digital teaching

May 8, 2020 /

Interview with Prof. Dominik Göddeke

The transition to e-learning in times of Corona is a exceptional challenge. In order to ensure that lecturers can find contact persons for their diverse questions this summer semester, the university's existing range of support services is being constantly expanded. A special concept are the so-called eScouts: These are students who have volunteered to contribute to the success of the "digital semester". The students are extensively trained by the Technical Information and Communication Services (TIK) in the e-learning tools as well as in consulting methods, so that they can support lecturers in technical questions about ILIAS, Webex and lecture recordings.

Lecturers can request an eScout via ILIAS and indicate the topic on which they would like support. A suitable eScout will then contact the lecturer directly.

Prof. Dominik Göddeke, Institute for Applied Analysis and Numerical Simulation, has taken up the offer.

Here you can find the interview with Prof. Dominik Göddeke about his cooperation with an eScout in German language.

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