CHE ranking 2021: Excellent grade for support of studies

May 12, 2021 / Fachbereich Physik

First-year students are in excellent hands at the University of Stuttgart: This was once again confirmed by the current CHE university ranking, which was published on May 4, 2021 in the ZEIT Studienführer 2021/22 and on ZEIT CAMPUS online.

The students of mathematics and physics rate the support at the beginning of their studies as well as the study organization as "very good". The two departments of our faculty are thus in the top group in Germany. This is the result of a survey of students in the B.Sc. of the two subjects mathematics and physics at the University of Stuttgart. Nevertheless, the students themselves contribute significantly to the very good support at the beginning of their studies. In both subject groups, the students have set up a mentoring or sponsor program for the newcomers. In addition, the older students organize introductory events and social events for the first-year students so that the network among fellow students is effective and the time in which one has to find one's way around in the new situation alone is as short as possible.

In the detailed results of the CHE university ranking, mathematics students praise the range of courses and physics students praise the laboratory courses. 


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