Q-Science Show 2022

Q-Science Show 2022

March 18, 2022

Quantum computer - Will that stay or can that go?
[Picture: IQST]

Young scientists will take the audience on a rapid journey through quantum physics. Not an easy task. Even experts in the field describe quantum theory as incomprehensible or, like Max Born, as "hopeless mess". But even quantum computers have not remained a theoretical dream. In laboratories around the world, more and more prototypes exist on which calculations can be made. So it's time to dedicate a show of its own to quantum computing (in German language).

Q-Science Show is organized by the Center for Integrated Quantum Science and Technology (IQST).

Our quantum crew face all challenges: Experience how quantum yoga provides superposition or quantum curling irons out mistakes.

Want to participate! You fit in with us if you

  • are studying or doing research at a university or research institution
  • you would like to bring a topic from your research, which fits to "quantum computing", on stage together with the quantum-crew
  • want to inspire people from outside the field for phenomena from the world of quantum physics
  • want to train how to speak convincingly and confidently on stage
  • or you can imagine a role behind the scenes and would like to creatively contribute to the script, direction, props or stage technology.

The concept for the show was developed together with the participants of the Q-Science Slam workshop part I in November 2021. We are experimenting with a non-linear narrative. The audience will be randomly presented with mini-slams that, when put together, will give an idea of quantum computers at the end.

Interviews: by appointment slam@iqst.org
Center for Integrated Quantum Science and Technology IQST

Q-Science Show 2022 – preparation workshop part II
When?    9 April 2022, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Where?   University of Stuttgart, Campus Vaihingen

Q-Science Show 2022
When?    Due to illness, the show scheduled for April 25 will be rescheduled for May 9, 2022, 8pm!
Where?  Theaterhaus Stuttgart
Tickets abailable from 21 March 2022 at Theaterhaus Stuttgart
Tickets for April 25 are valid for May 9.

Trailer Q-Science Show

Source: YouTube
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