Doctoral Degree Studies and Habilitation

in the Department of Physics

List of Dissertations


Date of Oral Exam Title Surname, Name
22.11.2019 High-density hydrogen monolayer formation and isotope diffusion in porous media Balderas Xicohténcatl, Rafael
22.11.2019 Pressure-dependent dielectric spectroscopy measurements on organic spin liquid compounds Rösslhuber, Roland Felix Ludwig
18.11.2019 Fabrication and Analysis of Nanostructures in the Quantum Material SrRuO3 Laskin, Gennadii
11.11.2019 Mid-infrared resonant nanostructures for in-vitro monitoring of polypeptides Semenyshyn, Rostyslav
11.11.2019 Effiziente Energiekonversion basierend auf atomar kontrollierten Heterostrukturen Voesch, Wolfgang
30.10.2019 Extensions of dynamical mean-field theory to non-local correlations and multi-band systems Cao, Xiaodong
30.10.2019 Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Complex Plasmonic Nanostructures Krauth, Joachim
11.10.2019 Structure and Electronic Properties of Epitaxial Monolayer SWe2 Mohammed, Avaise
11.10.2019 Ellipsometric Investigations of Plasmonic Nanostructures and Thin Films Voloshenko, Ievgen
29.07.2019 Thermal Rydberg Spectroscopy and Plasma Weller, Daniel Tobias
25.07.2019 Nichtlineare Halbgruppen und Hysteresemodelle für nichtmonotone Sättigungsprofile Steinle, Rouven Hannes
19.07.2019 NMR spectroscopy with single shallow NV centers Shagieva, Farida
12.07.2019 From Hermitian to non-Hermitian topological phases of matter Rui, Wenbin
09.07.2019 Quantum emitters in low dimensional van der Waals systems Chejanovsky, Natan
27.06.2019 Optical studies on two-dimensional organic conductors under high pressure Li, Weiwu
03.06.2019 Fabrication of efficient single-photon devices based on pre-selected quantum dots using deterministic optical lithography Sartison, Marc
23.05.2019 Hyperspectral Coherent Anti-Stockes Raman Scattering (CARS) Imaging Gomes da Costa, Stefan
21.05.2019 A single-photon source based on strongly interacting thermal Rydberg Ripka, Fabian Tobias
20.05.2019 Rydberg Molecules for Ultracold Ion-Atom Scattering Schmid, Thomas
10.05.2019 Interfaces in fluids of Ionic Liquid Crystals Bartsch, Hendrik
06.05.2019 Optical and quantum-optical properties of telecommunication-wavelength semiconductor quantum dots on GaAs substrates Olbrich, Fabian
11.04.2019 Probing the electronic structure of new 3D Dirac semimetals Topp, Andreas
28.03.2019 A single electron sensor assisted by a quantum coprocessor Zaiser, Sebastian Felix
28.03.2019 A Scanning Single-Electron Transistor Array Microscope Probes the Hall Potential Profile in the Fractional Quantum Hall Regime Gauß, Andreas Werner
18.03.2019 One-Dimensional Topological States of Synthetic Quantum Matter Lang, Nicolai
01.03.2019 A trace gas sensor based on Rydberg ex-citations: A proof of concept study Schmidt, Johannes
27.02.2019 Ferromagnetic colloids in liquid crystal solvents Zarubin, Grigorii Sergeevich
26.02.2019 Triplons in the excitonic Kitaev-Heisenberg model on the honeycomb lattice: condensation, interactions and topology Anisimov, Pavel
12.02.2019 Functional renormaliztation group for strongly interacting Fermi systems Vilardi, Demetrio
01.02.2019 Modellierung von Handelprozessen mit der Mastergleichung Wurster, Markus



Date of Oral Exam Title Surname, Name
20.12.2018 Simulation Studies on Electrodes and Electrolytes for Electric Double Layer Capacitors Breitsprecher, Konrad
18.12.2018 Neutron Scattering Studies on Layered Ruthenates Krautloher, Maximilian Josef
17.12.2018 High Frequency Spin Dynamics Investigation of Quantum Critical Matters by Metallic Coplanar Resonators Javaheri-Rahim, Moitaba
14.12.2018 Macroscopic States of Dipolar Quantum Gases Wenzel, Matthias
13.12.2018 Microwave investigations on superconducting Nb-doped SrTiO3 Thiemann, Markus
07.12.2018 New Permanent Magnetic Materials: Efficient Search, Microstructure and Magnetic Properties Karimi, Roman
03.12.2018 Fully integrated, GaAs-based quantum photonic circuits: resonant generation, splitting and detection of single-photon emission on-chip Schwartz, Mario
22.11.2018 Mitigating the noise of a quantum sensor in single-spin nuclear magnetic resonance Pfender, Matthias
19.11.2018 Optical Studies on Dirac and Weyl Semimetals Schilling, Micha Benjamin
12.10.2018 Engineering and Control of Defects in Silicon Carbide for Quantum Technologies Widmann, Matthias
04.10.2018 Nanoscale nuclear magnetic resonance with chemical structure resolution Aslam, Nabeel Ahmad
04.10.2018 Cryogenic NV Scanning Probe Magne-tometry Brunner, Andreas
25.07.2018 Synthesis and Electron Ordering Phenomena of Calcium Ruthenate Thin Films Dietl, Christopher Johannes
23.07.2018 Nanometric Magnetic Resonance Imaging with a Wide Field of View Ziem, Florestan Colin
23.07.2018 High-Resolution X-ray Ptychography for Magnetic Imaging Bykova, Iuliia
16.07.2018 Ions and Electrons Interacting with Ultracold Atoms – Novel Approaches Based on Rydberg Excitations Kleinbach, Kathrin Sophie
29.06.2018 Gepulste Halbleiterscheibenlaser im roten Spektralbereich: Sättigbare Halbleiterabsorberspiegel, Frequenzverdopplung und absorberfreie Modenkopplung Bek, Roman Andreas
21.06.2018 Quantum Monte Carlo Studies of Strongly Correlated Systems for Quantum Simulators Humeniuk, Stephan
11.06.2018 Thermodynamic bounds on current fluctuation Pietzonka, Patrick
08.06.2018 Nanotribologie von kolloidalen Kristallen auf periodischen Substratpotenzialen Brazda, Thorsten
09.05.2018 Growth and Characterization of Transition Metal Oxide Heterostructures with a Tailored Work Function Rastegar Alam, Iman
20.04.2018 Electrokinetic Transport Phenomena in Soft-Matter Systems Rempfer, Georg
12.04.2018 Interfacing thermal atoms with integrated photonic waveguides Ritter, Ralf
22.03.2018 Fluoreszenzdetektiertes Schalten im optischen Nahfeld Heilig, Mark
22.03.2018 XMCD investigation at M4,5 edges of the rare earth elements in high-performance permanent magnet Tripathi, Sapana
22.03.2018 High Resolution Electron Beam Lithography: An improved understanding of a versatile lithography technique Rommel, Markus
19.03.2018 Experimentelle Untersuchungen der Optimierung epitaktischer LaAlO3/SrTiO3-basierter Heterostrukturen Teker, Ali
09.03.2018 XMCD investigations on new hard magnetic systems Chen, Yu-Chun
21.02.2018 Revealing Plasmonic Effects of One-Dimensional Periodic Structures through Mueller Matrix Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Wang, Meng
20.02.2018 Effective Interactions between Colloidal Particles in Critical Solvents Labbé-Laurent, Marcel Maxime
09.02.2018 Stochastic Thermodynamics of Learning Goldt, Sebastian
07.02.2018 On Magnetometry using Ensembles of NV Defect Centers in Diamond Wolf, Thomas
06.02.2018 Electrolyte solutions and simple fluids at curved walls Reindl, Andreas



Datum of Oral Exam Titel Name, Vorname
18.12.2017 Fluorescent nanodiamonds as a sensor and life science probe Rendler, Torsten
14.12.2017 Theory of excitons in cuprous oxide Schweiner, Frank Stefan
24.11.2017 Unveiling Electronic Correlations in Layered Molecular Conductors by Optical Spectroscopy Pustogow, Andrej
15.11.2017 Hydrogen in Metal Nanoparticles: Understanding and Applying Thermodynamic Properties of Metal-Hydrogen Nanostructures Strohfeldt, Nikolai-Sven
14.11.2017 The Superconductor-Insulator Transition in the LaAlO3-SrTiO3 Electron Kürten, Lukas
09.10.2017 Nanoscale Electron Spin Resonance Schlipf, Lukas
06.10.2017 Storage and propagation of Rydberg polaritons in a cold atomic medium Mirgorodskiy, Ivan
04.10.2017 Tailored Magnetic Properties of Exchange-Spring and Ultra Hard Nanomagnets Son, Kwanghyo
04.10.2017 Hybrid plasmonic structures for giant Faraday rotation Flöß, Dominik
28.09.2017 Investigations on diamond structures with embedded defects centres using numerical and ab initio simulation techniques Antonov, Denis
20.09.2017 From itinerant to localized: an x-ray spectroscopic study of transition metal oxides Lu, Yi
04.08.2017 Generation of Indistinguishable and Entangled Photons from Semiconductor Quantum Dots: Exploiting Resonant and Coherent Single and Two-Photon Excitation Methods. Müller, Markus
21.07.2017 PT-symmetric dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates: Embedding in a Hermitian system and higher-order exceptional points Gutöhrlein, Robin
19.07.2017 Forefront engineering of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond for quantum technologies Favaro de Oliveira, Felipe
12.07.2017 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Laser Ablation in Covalent Materials Kiselev, Alexander
11.07.2017 Coarse Grained Hydrogels Richter, Tobias
19.06.2017 Investigating Superconductivity by Tunneling Spectroscopy Using Oxide Heterostructures Fillis-Tsirakis, Evangelos
02.06.2017 Optical and Magneto-Optical Investigations on 3D Dirac- and Weyl-Semimetals Neubauer, David
28.04.2017 III-V semiconductor photonic integrated circuits with quantum dots as single-photon emitters Rengstl, Ulrich
26.04.2017 Near- and Mid-Infrared Supercontinuum Sources with MHz Repetition Rates Kedenburg, Stefan
25.04.2017 Large-Area Plasmonics and Sensors – Fabrication of plasmonic nanostructures by laser interference lithography and femtosecond direct laser writing Bagheri, Shanin
31.03.2017 Enhanced light-matter interaction with semiconductor quantum dots in single and double cavity structures Hargart, Fabian
24.03.2017 Electronic, adsorption, and transport properties of diamondoid-based complexes Adhikari, Bibek
22.03.2017 A Self-bound Dilute Quantum Liquid of Dysprosium Atoms Schmitt, Matthias
17.03.2017 Electrodynamics of Quantum-Critical Conductors and Superconductors Pracht, Uwe Santiago
15.03.2017 Stochastic thermodynamics of information processing: bipartite systems with feedback, signal inference and information storage Hartich, David
09.03.2017 Die Bedeutung der Kontrolle über mikroskopische Freiheitsgrade für die Effizienz optimierter Maschinen Bauer, Michael
22.02.2017 Rydberg polaritons and Rydberg superatoms – Novel tools for quantum nonlinear optics Tresp, Christoph
14.02.2017 Nonlinear optical microspectroscopy with few-cycle laser pulses Wan, Hui
10.02.2017 Engineering of Hybrid Quantum Diamond Structures for Sensing Applications Momen Zadeh, Seyed Ali
09.02.2017 Bose-Einstein condensates with balanced gain and loss beyond mean-field theory Dast, Dennis
09.02.2017 Bose-Einstein condensates in PT-symmetric potentials Haag, Daniel
08.02.2017 Tricritical Casimir Forces in 3He – 4He Wetting Films Farahmand Bafi, Nima
27.01.2017 Scanning Single-Electron Transistor Array Microscope to Probe a Two-Dimensional Electron System under Quantum Hall Conditions below 40 milli-Kelvin Mausser, Marcel
26.01.2017 Mesoscopic Phenomena in Topological Insulators, Superconductors and Semi-metals Khalaf, Eslam Mohamed
18.01.2017 Nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging Häberle, Thomas


Digitally published dissertations can be downloaded on the document server of the University of Stuttgart:

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Habilitations in the Department of Physics

The Habilitation Regulations [de] of the University of Stuttgart are decisive for a habilitation at Faculty 8 Mathematics and Physics.

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The German Physical Society (DPG) has now comprehensively investigated the doctorate in physics in Germany. The core of the study is a survey in which a quarter of all physics doctoral students took part. The study also included the opinions of professors and an evaluation of all doctoral regulations.

Press Release of the German Physical Society, Doctorate in Physics in Germany

List of Habilitations

Date Title Surname, Name
17.10.2018 The Consequences of Charge Quantization on the Tunnel Junction of a Scanning Tunneling Microscope Ast, Christian
11.04.2018 Soft Matter in Solution: From Hydrodynamics to Hydrogen Bonds Smiatek, Jens
11.05.2016 General properties of ionic complex fluids Bier, Markus
18.07.2014 Quantum systems with balanced gain and loss, signatures of branch points, and dissociation effects Cartarius, Holger
20.06.2012 Optical Nearfield Investigations of Nano-Plasmonic Structures, Devices, and Materials Vogelsang, Ralf
11.04.2012 Atomistic Theory of Semiconductor Nanostructures Bester, Gabriel


Digitally published habilitations can be downloaded on the document server of the University of Stuttgart.

Habilitations in the physics department

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