Workshop on spatial dynamics and related approaches

23. September 2022

Workshop at the Institute of Analysis, Dynamics, and Modeling IADM
5.-7. September 2022

From September 5 to September 7 the workshop "Spatial Dynamics" took place at the University of Stuttgart, which has been a center of spatial dynamics for several decades due to pivotal research of Prof. Klaus Kirchgässner and collaborators conducted there.

The workshop attracted 39 researchers applying spatial dynamics or related approaches. After 3 more general overview lectures by experts in the field, there were 17 specialized talks, portraying the ongoing development of spatial dynamics and stressing its importance in ongoing research. Moreover, the workshop provided a platform for early-career researchers to get acquainted with spatial dynamics and its recent advances. Eight of them presented their own work in a poster session. 

Participants of the workshop
Participants of the workshop
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