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Nummer Autor(en) Titel
2020-002 Györfi, László
Walk, Harro
Nearest neighbor based conformal prediction
2020-001 Sändig, Anna-Margarete Regularity results to semilinear Parabolic Initial Boundary Value Problems with Nonlinear Newton Boundary Conditions in a polygonal space-time cylinder
Nummer Autor(en) Titel
2019-005 Knarr, Norbert
Stroppel, Markus
Embeddings and ambient automorphisms of the Pappus configuration
2019-004 Fischer, Simon Some New Bounds on the Entropy Numbers of Diagonal Operators
2019-003 Braun, Alina
Kohler, Michael
Walk, Harro
On the rate of convergence of a neural network regression estimate learned by gradient descent
2019-002 Györfi, László
Henze, Norbert
Walk, Harro
The limit distribution of maximum probability nearest neighbor ball
2019-001 Gaspoz, Fernando D.
Heine, Claus-Justus
Siebert, Kunibert G.
An Alternative Proof of the H1-Stability of the L2-Projection on Graded Meshes
Nummer Autor(en) Titel
2018-003 Kollross, Andreas Octonions, triality, the exceptional Lie algebra F4, and polar actions on the Cayley hyperbolic plane
2018-002 Díaz Ramos, José Carlos
Domínguez Vázquez, Miguel
Kollross, Andreas
On homogeneous manifolds whose isotropy actions are polar
2018-001 Grundhöfer, Theo
Stroppel, Markus
Van Maldeghem, Hendrik
Embeddings of hermitian unitals into pappian projective planes
Nummer Autor(en) Titel
2017-011 Hansmann, Matthias
Kohler, Michael
Walk, Harro
On the strong universal consistency of local averaging regression estimates
2017-010 Devroye, Luc
Györfi, László
Lugosi, Gábor
Walk, Harro
A nearest neighbor estimate of a regression functional
2017-009 Steinke, Günter F.
Stroppel, Markus
On elation Laguerre planes with a two-transitive orbit on the set of generators
2017-008 Steinke, Günter F.
Stroppel, Markus
Laguerre planes and shift planes
2017-007 Blunck, Andrea
Knarr, Norbert
Stroppel, Bernhild
Stroppel, Markus
Transitive groups of similitudes generated by octonions
2017-006 Blunck, Andrea
Knarr, Norbert
Stroppel, Bernhild
Stroppel, Markus
Clifford parallelisms defined by octonions
2017-005 Knarr, Norbert
Stroppel, Markus
Subforms of Norm Forms of Octonion Fields
2017-004 Apprich, Christian
Dietrich, Anne
Höllig, Klaus
Nava-Yazdani, Esfandiar
Cubic Spline Approximation of a Circle with Maximal Smoothness and Accuracy
2017-003 Fischer, Simon
Steinwart, Ingo
Sobolev Norm Learning Rates for Regularized Least-Squares Algorithm
2017-002 Farooq, Muhammad
Steinwart, Ingo
Learning Rates for Kernel-Based Expectile Regression
2017-001 Bauer, Benedikt
Devroye, Luc
Kohler, Michael
Krzyzak, Adam
Walk, Harro
Nonparametric Estimation of a Function From Noiseless Observations at Random Points
Nummer Autor(en) Titel
2016-006 Devroye, Luc
Györfi, László
Lugosi, Gábor
Walk, Harro
On the measure of Voronoi cells
2016-005 Kohls, Kristina
Kreuzer, Christian
Rösch, Arnd
Siebert, Kunibert G.
Convergence of Adaptive Finite Elements for Optimal Control Problems with Control Constraints
2016-004 Blaschzyk, Ingrid
Steinwart, Ingo
Improved Classification Rates under Refined Margin Conditions
2016-003 Feistauer, Miloslav
Roskovec, Filipp
Sändig, Anna-Margarete
Discontinuous Galerkin Method for an Elliptic Problem with Nonlinear Newton Boundary Conditions in a Polygon
2016-002 Steinwart, Ingo A Short Note on the Comparison of Interpolation Widths, Entropy Numbers, and Kolmogorov Widths
2016-001 Köster, Iris Sylow Numbers and Integral Group Rings
Nummer Autor(en) Titel
2015-018 Neusser, Jochen
Schleper, Veronika
Numerical schemes for the coupling of compressible and incompressible fluids in several space dimensions
2015-017 Grundhöfer, Theo
Stroppel, Markus
Van Maldeghem, Hendrik
A non-classical unital of order four with many translations
2015-016 Hang, Hanyuan
Steinwart, Ingo
A Bernstein-type Inequality for Some Mixing Processes and Dynamical Systems with an Application to Learning
2015-015 Steinwart, Ingo Representation of Quasi-Monotone Functionals by Families of Separating Hyperplanes
2015-014 Farooq, Muhammad
Steinwart, Ingo
An SVM-like Approach for Expectile Regression
2015-013 Nava-Yazdani, Esfandiar Splines and geometric mean for data in geodesic spaces
2015-012 Kimmerle, Wolfgang
Köster, Iris
Sylow Numbers from Character Tables and Group Rings
2015-011 Györfi, László
Walk, Harro
On the asymptotic normality of an estimate of a regression functional
2015-010 Gorodski, Claudio
Kollross, Andreas
Some remarks on polar actions
2015-009 Apprich, Christian
Höllig, Klaus
Hörner, Jörg
Reif, Ulrich
Collocation with WEB-Splines
2015-008 Kabil, Bugra
Rodrigues, Miguel
Spectral Validation of the Whitham Equations for Periodic Waves of Lattice Dynamical Systems
2015-007 Kollross, Andreas Hyperpolar actions on reducible symmetric spaces
2015-006 Schmid, Jochen
Griesemer, Marcel
Well-posedness of Non-autonomous Linear Evolution Equations in Uniformly Convex Spaces
2015-005 Hinrichs, Aicke
Markhasin, Lev
Oettershagen, Jens
Ullrich, Tino
Optimal quasi-Monte Carlo rules on higher order digital nets for the numerical integration of multivariate periodic functions
2015-004 Kutter, Michael
Rohde, Christian
Sändig, Anna-Margarete
Well-Posedness of a Two Scale Model for Liquid Phase Epitaxy with Elasticity
2015-003 Rossi, Elena
Schleper, Veronika
Convergence of a numerical scheme for a mixed hyperbolic-parabolic system in two space dimensions
2015-002 Döring, Maik
Györfi, László
Walk, Harro
Exact rate of convergence of kernel-based classification rule
2015-001 Kohler, Michael
Müller, Florian
Walk, Harro
Estimation of a regression function corresponding to latent variables
Nummer Autor(en) Titel
2014-021 Neusser, Jochen
Rohde, Christian
Schleper, Veronika
Relaxed Navier-Stokes-Korteweg Equations for Compressible Two-Phase Flow with Phase Transition
2014-020 Kabil, Bugra
Rohde, Christian
Persistence of undercompressive phase boundaries for isothermal Euler equations including configurational forces and surface tension
2014-019 Bilyk, Dmitriy
Markhasin, Lev
BMO and exponential Orlicz space estimates of the discrepancy function in arbitrary dimension
2014-018 Schmid, Jochen Well-posedness of non-autonomous linear evolution equations for generators whose commutators are scalar
2014-017 Margolis, Leo A Sylow theorem for the integral group ring{ of PSL(2,q)
2014-016 Rybak, Iryna
Magiera, Jim
Helmig, Rainer
Rohde, Christian
Multirate time integration for coupled saturated/unsaturated porous medium and free flow systems
2014-015 Gaspoz, Fernando D.
Heine, Claus-Justus
Siebert, Kunibert G.
Optimal Grading of the Newest Vertex Bisection and H1-Stability of the L2-Projection
2014-014 Kohler, Michael
Krzyzak, Adam
Walk, Harro
Nonparametric recursive quantile estimation
2014-013 Kohler, Michael
Krzyzak, Adam
Tent, Reinhard
Walk, Harro
Nonparametric quantile estimation using importance sampling
2014-012 Györfi, László
Ottucsák, György
Walk, Harro
The growth optimal investment strategy is secure, too
2014-011 Györfi, László
Walk, Harro
Strongly consistent detection for nonparametric hypotheses
2014-010 Köster, Iris Finite Groups with Sylow numbers {q^x,a,b}
2014-009 Kahnert, Dietmar Hausdorff Dimension of Rings
2014-008 Steinwart, Ingo Measuring the Capacity of Sets of Functions in the Analysis of ERM
2014-007 Steinwart, Ingo Convergence Types and Rates in Generic Karhunen-Loeve Expansions with Applications to Sample Path Properties
2014-006 Steinwart, Ingo
Pasin, Chloe
Williamson, Robert
Zhang, Siju
Elicitation and Identification of Properties
2014-005 Schmid, Jochen
Griesemer, Marcel
Kato's Theorem on the Integration of Non-Autonomous Linear Evolution Equations
2014-004 Markhasin, Lev L2- and SrpqB-discrepancy of order 2 digital nets
2014-003 Markhasin, Lev Discrepancy and integration in function spaces with dominating mixed smoothness
2014-002 Eberts, Mona
Steinwart, Ingo
Optimal Learning Rates for Localized SVMs
2014-001 Giesselmann, Jan A relative entropy approach to convergence of a low order approximation to a nonlinear elasticity model with viscosity and capillarity
Nummer Autor(en) Titel
2013-016 Steinwart, Ingo Fully Adaptive Density-Based Clustering
2013-015 Steinwart, Ingo Some Remarks on the Statistical Analysis of SVMs and Related Methods
2013-014 Rohde, Christian
Zeiler, Christoph
A Relaxation Riemann Solver for Compressible Two-Phase Flow with Phase Transition and Surface Tension
2013-013 Moroianu, Andrei
Semmelmann, Uwe
Generalized Killling Spinors on Einstein Manifolds
2013-012 Moroianu, Andrei
Semmelmann, Uwe
Generalized Killing Spinors on Spheres
2013-011 Kohls, Kristina
Rösch, Arnd
Siebert, Kunibert G.
Convergence of Adaptive Finite Elements for Control Constrained Optimal Control Problems
2013-010 Corli, Andrea
Rohde, Christian
Schleper, Veronika
Parabolic Approximations of Diffusive-Dispersive Equations
2013-009 Nava-Yazdani, Esfandiar
Polthier, Konrad
De Casteljau's Algorithm on Manifolds
2013-008 Bächle, Andreas
Margolis, Leo
Rational conjugacy of torsion units in integral group rings of non-solvable groups
2013-007 Knarr, Norbert
Stroppel, Markus
Heisenberg groups over composition algebras
2013-006 Knarr, Norbert
Stroppel, Markus
Heisenberg groups, semifields, and translation planes
2013-005 Eck, Christof
Kutter, Michael
Sändig, Anna-Margarete
Rohde, Christian
A Two Scale Model for Liquid Phase Epitaxy with Elasticity: An Iterative Procedure
2013-004 Griesemer, Marcel
Wellig, David
The Strong-Coupling Polaron in Electromagnetic Fields
2013-003 Kabil, Bugra
Rohde, Christian
The Influence of Surface Tension and Configurational Forces on the Stability of Liquid-Vapor Interfaces
2013-002 Devroye, Luc
Ferrario, Paola
Györfi, László
Walk, Harro
Strong universal consistent estimate of the minimum mean squared error
2013-001 Kohls, Kristina
Rösch, Arnd
Siebert, Kunibert G.
A Posteriori Error Analysis of Optimal Control Problems with Control Constraints
Nummer Autor(en) Titel
2012-018 Kimmerle, Wolfgang
Konovalov, Alexander
On the Prime Graph of the Unit Group of Integral Group Rings of Finite Groups II
2012-017 Stroppel, Bernhild
Stroppel, Markus
Desargues, Doily, Dualities, and Exceptional Isomorphisms
2012-016 Moroianu, Andrei
Pilca, Mihaela
Semmelmann, Uwe
Homogeneous almost quaternion-Hermitian manifolds
2012-015 Steinke, Günter F.
Stroppel, Markus
Simple groups acting two-transitively on the set of generators of a finite elation Laguerre plane
2012-014 Steinke, Günter F.
Stroppel, Markus
Finite elation Laguerre planes admitting a two-transitive group on their set of generators
2012-013 Díaz Ramos, José Carlos
Domínguez Vázquez, Miguel
Kollross, Andreas
Polar actions on complex hyperbolic spaces
2012-012 Moroianu, Andrei
Semmelmann, Uwe
Weakly complex homogeneous spaces
2012-011 Moroianu, Andrei
Semmelmann, Uwe
Invariant four-forms and symmetric pairs
2012-010 Hamilton, Mark The closure of the symplectic cone of elliptic surfaces
2012-009 Hamilton, Mark Iterated fibre sums of algebraic Lefschetz fibrations
2012-008 Hamilton, Mark The minimal genus problem for elliptic surfaces
2012-007 Ferrario, Paola Partitioning estimation of local variance based on nearest neighbors under censoring
2012-006 Stroppel, Markus Buttons, Holes and Loops of String: Lacing the Doily
2012-005 Hantsch, Fabian Existence of Minimizers in Restricted Hartree-Fock Theory
2012-004 Grundhöfer, Theo
Stroppel, Markus
Van Maldeghem, Hendrik
Unitals admitting all translations
2012-003 Hamilton, Mark Representing homology classes by symplectic surfaces
2012-002 Hamilton, Mark On certain exotic 4-manifolds of Akhmedov and Park
2012-001 Jentsch, Tillmann Parallel submanifolds of the real 2-Grassmannian
Nummer Autor(en) Titel
2011-028 Spreer, Jonathan Combinatorial 3-manifolds with cyclic automorphism group
2011-027 Griesemer, Marcel
Hantsch, Fabian
Wellig, David
On the Magnetic Pekar Functional and the Existence of Bipolarons
2011-025 Felber, Tina
Jones, Daniel
Kohler, Michael
Walk, Harro
Weakly universally consistent static forecasting of stationary and ergodic time series via local averaging and least squares estimates
2011-024 Jones, Daniel
Kohler, Michael
Walk, Harro
Weakly universally consistent forecasting of stationary and ergodic time series
2011-023 Györfi, László
Walk, Harro
Strongly consistent nonparametric tests of conditional independence
2011-022 Ferrario, Paola
Walk, Harro
Nonparametric partitioning estimation of residual and local variance based on first and second nearest neighbors
2011-021 Eberts, Mona
Steinwart, Ingo
Optimal regression rates for SVMs using Gaussian kernels
2011-020 Frank, Rupert L.
Geisinger, Leander
Refined semiclassical asymptotics for fractional powers of the Laplace operator
2011-019 Frank, Rupert L.
Geisinger, Leander
Two-term spectral asymptotics for the Dirichlet Laplacian on a bounded domain
2011-018 Hänel, Andre
Schulz, Christiane
Wirth, Jens
Embedded eigenvalues for the elastic strip with cracks
2011-017 Wirth, Jens Thermo-elasticity for anisotropic media in higher dimensions
2011-016 Höllig, Klaus
Hörner, Jörg
Programming Multigrid Methods with B-Splines
2011-015 Ferrario, Paola Nonparametric Local Averaging Estimation of the Local Variance Function
2011-014 Müller, Simon
Dippon, Jürgen
k-NN Kernel Estimate for Nonparametric Functional Regression in Time Series Analysis
2011-013 Knarr, Norbert
Stroppel, Markus
Unitals over Composition Algebras
2011-012 Knarr, Norbert
Stroppel, Markus
Baer involutions and polarities in Moufang planes of characteristic two
2011-011 Knarr, Norbert
Stroppel, Markus
Polarities and planar collineations of Moufang planes
2011-010 Jentsch, Tillmann
Moroianu, Andrei
Semmelmann, Uwe
Extrinsic hyperspheres in manifolds with special holonomy
2011-009 Wirth, Jens Asymptotic Behaviour of Solutions to Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations
2011-008 Stroppel, Markus Orthogonal Polar Spaces and Unitals
2011-007 Nagl, Matthias Charakterisierung der Symmetrischen Gruppen durch ihre komplexe Gruppenalgebra
2011-006 Solanes, Gil
Teufel, Eberhard
Horo-tightness and total (absolute) curvatures in hyperbolic spaces
2011-005 Ginoux, Nicolas
Semmelmann, Uwe
Imaginary Kählerian Killing spinors I
2011-004 Scherer, Carsten
Köse, Emre
Control Synthesis using Dynamic D-Scales: Part II – Gain-Scheduled Control
2011-003 Scherer, Carsten
Köse, Emre
Control Synthesis using Dynamic D-Scales: Part I – Robust Control
2011-002 Alexandrov, Bogdan
Semmelmann, Uwe
Deformations of nearly parallel G2-structures
2011-001 Geisinger, Leander
Weidl, Timo
Sharp spectral estimates in domains of infinite volume
Nummer Autor(en) Titel
2010-019 Griesemer, Marcel
Hantsch, Fabian
Unique Solutions to Hartree-Fock Equations for Closed Shell Atom
2010-018 Kimmerle, Wolfgang
Konovalov, Alexander
On integral-like units of modular group rings
2010-017 Gauduchon, Paul
Moroianu, Andrei
Semmelmann, Uwe
Almost complex structures on quaternion-Kähler manifolds and inner symmetric spaces
2010-016 Moroianu, Andrei
Semmelmann, Uwe
Clifford structures on Riemannian manifolds
2010-015 Grafarend, Erik W.
Kühnel, Wolfgang
A minimal atlas for the rotation group SO(3)
2010-014 Weidl, Timo Semiclassical Spectral Bounds and Beyond
2010-013 Stroppel, Markus Early explicit examples of non-desarguesian plane geometries
2010-012 Effenberger, Felix Stacked polytopes and tight triangulations of manifolds
2010-011 Györfi, László
Walk, Harro
Empirical portfolio selection strategies with proportional transaction costs
2010-010 Kohler, Michael
Krzyzak, Adam
Walk, Harro
Estimation of the essential supremum of a regression function
2010-009 Geisinger, Leander
Laptev, Ari
Weidl, Timo
Geometrical Versions of improved Berezin-Li-Yau Inequalities
2010-008 Poppitz, Steffen
Stroppel, Markus
Polarities of Schellhammer Planes
2010-007 Grundhöfer, Theo
Krinn, Boris
Stroppel, Markus
Non-Existence of Isomorphisms Between Certain Unitals
2010-006 Höllig, Klaus
Hörner, Jörg
Hoffacker, Axel
Finite Element Analysis with B-Splines: Weighted and Isogeometric Methods
2010-005 Kaltenbacher, Barbara
Walk, Harro
On convergence of local averaging regression function estimates for the regularization of inverse problems
2010-004 Kühnel, Wolfgang
Solanes, Gil
Tight surfaces with boundary
2010-003 Kohler, Michael
Walk, Harro
On optimal exercising of American options in discrete time for stationary and ergodic data
2010-002 Gulde, Michael
Stroppel, Markus
Stabilizers of Subspaces under Similitudes of the Klein Quadric, and Automorphisms of Heisenberg Algebras
2010-001 Leitner, Felipe Examples of almost Einstein structures on products and in cohomogeneity one
Nummer Autor(en) Titel
2009-008 Griesemer, Marcel
Zenk, Heribert
On the Atomic Photoeffect in Non-relativistic QED
2009-007 Griesemer, Marcel
Moeller, Jacob Schach
Bounds on the Minimal Energy of Translation Invariant N-Polaron Systems
2009-006 Demirel, Semra
Harrell II, Evans M.
On semiclassical and universalinequalities for eigenvalues of quantum graphs
2009-005 Bächle, Andreas
Kimmerle, Wolfgang
On Torsion Subgroups in Integral Group Rings of Finite Groups
2009-004 Geisinger, Leander
Weidl, Timo
Universal Bounds for Traces of the Dirichlet Laplace Operator
2009-003 Walk, Harro Strong Laws of Large Numbers and Nonparametric Estimation
2009-002 Leitner, Felipe The collapsing sphere product of Poincare-Einstein Spaces
2009-001 Brehm, Ulrich
Kühnel, Wolfgang
Lattice triangulations of E^3 and of the 3-torus
Nummer Autor(en) Titel
2008-006 Kohler, Michael
Krzyzak, Adam
Walk, Harro
Upper bounds for Bermudan options on Markovian data using nonparametric regression and a reduced number of nested Monte Carlo steps
2008-005 Kaltenbacher, Barbara
Schöpfer, Frank
Schuster, Thomas
Iterative methods for nonlinear ill-posed problems in Banach spaces: convergence and applications to parameter identification problems
2008-004 Leitner, Felipe Conformally closed Poincare-Einstein metrics with intersecting scale singularities
2008-003 Effenberger, Felix
Kühnel, Wolfgang
Hamiltonian submanifolds of regular polytopes
2008-002 Hertweck, Martin
Höfert, Christian
Kimmerle, Wolfgang
Finite groups of units and their composition factors in the integral group rings of the groups PSL(2,q)
2008-001 Kovarik, Hynek
Vugalter, Semjon
Weidl, Timo
Two dimensional Berezin-Li-Yau inequalities with a correction term
Nummer Autor(en) Titel
2007-006 Weidl, Timo Improved Berezin-Li-Yau inequalities with a remainder term
2007-005 Frank, Rupert L.
Loss, Michael
Weidl, Timo
Polya's conjecture in the presence of a constant magnetic field
2007-004 Ekholm, Tomas
Frank, Rupert L.
Kovarik, Hynek
Eigenvalue estimates for Schrödinger operators on metric trees
2007-003 Lesky, Peter
Racke, Reinhard
Elastic and electro-magnetic waves in infinite waveguides
2007-002 Teufel, Eberhard Spherical transforms and Radon transforms in Moebius geometry
2007-001 Meister, Alexander Deconvolution from Fourier-oscillating error densities under decay and smoothness restrictions
Nummer Autor(en) Titel
2006-014 Birman, Mikhail Sh.
Suslina, Tatyana A.
Homogenization with corrector for periodic differential operators. Approximation of solutions in the Sobolev class
2006-013 Brehm, Ulrich
Kühnel, Wolfgang
Equivelar maps on the torus
2006-012 Kovarik, Hynek
Sacchetti, Andrea
Resonances in twisted waveguides
2006-011 Kovarik, Hynek
Vugalter, Semjon
Weidl, Timo
Spectral estimates for two-dimensional Schrödinger operators with applications to quantum layers
2006-010 Teufel, Eberhard A contribution to geometric inequalities in Euclidean space forms
2006-009 Förster, Clemens Trapped modes for an elastic plate with a perturbation of Young's modulus
2006-008 Meister, Alexander Optimal convergence rates for density estimation from grouped data
2006-007 Walk, Harro Almost sure Cesaro and Euler summability of sequences of dependent random variables
2006-006 Dippon, Jürgen
Winter, Stefan
Smoothing spline regression estimates for randomly right censored data
2006-005 Walk, Harro A universal strong law of large numbers for conditional expectations via nearest neighbors
2006-004 Banchoff, Thomas F.
Kühnel, Wolfgang
Tight polyhedral models of isoparametric families, and PL-taut submanifolds
2006-003 Dippon, Jürgen
Schiemert, Daniel
Option Pricing in a Black-Scholes Market with Memory
2006-002 Lesky, Peter A. Orthogonale Polynomlösungen von Differenzengleichungen vierter Ordnung
2006-001 Dippon, Jürgen
Schiemert, Daniel
Stochastic differential equations driven by Gaussian processes with dependent increments
Nummer Autor(en) Titel
2005-008 Förster, Clemens
Weidl, Timo
Trapped modes for an elastic strip with perturbation of the material properties
2005-007 Meister, Alexander Deconvolving compactly supported densities
2005-006 Zelik, Sergey Spatially nondecaying solutions of 2D Navier-Stokes equation in a strip
2005-005 Borisov, Denis
Ekholm, Tomas
Kovarik, Hynek
Spectrum of the Magnetic Schrödinger Operator in a Waveguide with Combined Boundary Conditions
2005-004 Röhrl, Norbert A least squares functional for solving inverse sturm-liouville problems
2005-003 Höfert, Christian
Kimmerle, Wolfgang
On torsion units of integral group rings of groups of small order
2005-002 Kimmerle, Wolfgang
Luca, Florian
Raggi-Cardenas, Alberto Gerardo
Irreducible Components of the Burnside Ring
2005-001 Mielke, Alexander
Schmid, Florian
Vortex pinning in super-conductivity as a rate-independent model
Nummer Autor(en) Titel
2004-017 Förster, Clemens
Östensson, Jörgen
Lieb-Thirring Inequalities for Higher Order Differential Operators
2004-016 Leitner, Felipe On pseudo-Hermitian Einstein spaces
2004-015 Kühnel, Wolfgang
Steller, Michael
On closed Weingarten surfaces
2004-014 Kühnel, Wolfgang Tight embeddings of simply connected 4-manifolds
2004-013 Dippon, Jürgen
Walk, Harro
Simplified Analytical Proof of Blackwell's Renewal Theorem
2004-012 Pöschel, Jürgen Hill's potentials in weighted Sobolev spaces and their spectral gaps
2004-011 Afendikov, Andre
Mielke, Alexander
Dynamical properties of spatially non-decaying 2D Navier-Stokes flows with Kolmogorov forcing in an infinite strip
2004-010 Kühnel, Wolfgang
Dillen, Franki
Total curvature of complete submanifolds of Euclidean space
2004-009 Ekholm, Tomas
Kovarik, Hynek
Stability of the magnetic Schrödinger operator in a waveguide
2004-008 Exner, Pavel
Linde, Helmut
Weidl, Timo
Lieb-Thirring inequalities for geometrically induced bound states
2004-007 Mielke, Alexander
Zelik, Sergey
Infinite-dimensional hyperbolic sets and spatio-temporal chaos in reaction-diffusion systems in R^n
2004-006 Dippon, Jürgen
Walk, Harro
An elementary analytical proof of Blackwell's renewal theorem
2004-005 Efendiev, Messoud A.
Wendland, Wolfgang L.
On the degree of quasiruled Fredholm maps and nonlinear Riemann-Hilbert problems
2004-004 Meister, Alexander Deconvolution density estimation with a testing procedure for the error distribution
2004-003 Meister, Alexander On the effect of misspecifying the error density in a deconvolution problem
2004-002 Hesse, Christian H.
Meister, Alexander
Optimal iterative density deconvolution: Upper and lower bounds
2004-001 Walk, Harro Strong law of large number by elementary Tauberian arguments


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