16. September 2021 / Fachbereich Physik

SQ Event: "Advanced Verbal Communication (B)/SW: Telling Stories in Science Communication"

The ethical challenges of responding to environmental precarity go beyond that of acting as a megaphone about our fragile ecosystem. Instead, well-crafted science communication needs to reach those outside of one’s bubble and foster dialogues that are grounded, open, and action-oriented.

This cross-listed course will offer students from various faculties the opportunity to model environmental solidarity and kinship among companion fields, either as future scientists or teachers of a science-related field, or as future literary scholars or teachers of English. Students will work with environmentally-focused writers to workshop, perform, and record their own cross-genre and cross-disciplinary texts, in addition to reading and discussing eco-critical literature.

The overarching goal of the course will be to seek out dynamic, aesthetic, and individual solutions for communicating in English to a nonexpert audience about climate change. Ideally, students will concurrently attend (as an elective) ‘Chemistry of the Atmosphere,’ from Prof. Stubenrauch in the Institute of Physical Chemistry.

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