27. November 2018, 16:15 Uhr

The Physics of Exceptional Points

Physikalisches Kolloquium

27. November 2018, 16:15 Uhr
Universität Stuttgart, Hörsaal V57.01
Stefan Rotter, TU Wien

In my talk I will discuss the recent exciting developments associated with non-Hermitian degeneracies, also known as “exceptional points” [1]. After having been studied mostly in the domain of mathematical physics, quite a number of experiments have recently demonstrated how the presence of exceptional points leads to very counter-intuitive effects, such as loss-induced lasing, chiral field modes, topological energy transfer etc. I will try to provide an introduction to this topic as well as an overview of the many different areas of physics in which exceptional points are meanwhile being explored.

[1] El-Ganainy, Makris, Khajavikhan, Musslimani, Rotter, Christodoulides, Nature Physics 14, 11 (2018)

Abstract  Physikalisches Kolloquium Wintersemester 2018/19 

Hörsaal V57.01
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